Table information for 'ivoa.ObsCore'


Table Description: The IVOA-defined obscore table, containing generic metadata for datasets within this datacenter.

This table is available for ADQL queries and through the TAP endpoint.

Resource Description: Definition and support code for the ObsCore data model and table.

For a list of all services and tables belonging to this table's resource, see Information on resource '__system__/obscore'

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NameTable Head DescriptionUnitUCD
dataproduct_type Dataproduct_type High level scientific classification of the data product, taken from an enumeration N/A
dataproduct_subtype Dataproduct_subtype Data product specific type N/A
calib_level Calib_level Amount of data processing that has been applied to the data [Note calib] N/A meta.code;obs.calib
obs_collection Obs_collection Name of a data collection (e.g., project name) this data belongs to N/A
obs_id Obs_id Unique identifier for an observation N/A
obs_title Obs_title Free-from title of the data set N/A meta.title;obs
obs_publisher_did Obs_publisher_did Dataset identifier assigned by the publisher. N/A meta.ref.uri;meta.curation
obs_creator_did Obs_creator_did Dataset identifier assigned by the creator. N/A
access_url Access_url The URL at which to obtain the data set. N/A meta.ref.url
access_format Access_format MIME type of the resource at access_url N/A meta.code.mime
access_estsize Access_estsize Estimated size of data product kbyte phys.size;meta.file
target_name Target_name Object a targeted observation targeted N/A;src
target_class Target_class Class of the target object (star, QSO, ...) N/A src.class
s_ra S_ra RA of (center of) observation, ICRS deg pos.eq.ra
s_dec S_dec Dec of (center of) observation, ICRS deg pos.eq.dec
s_fov S_fov Approximate spatial extent for the region covered by the observation deg phys.angSize;instr.fov
s_region S_region Region covered by the observation, as a polygon N/A pos.outline;obs.field
s_resolution S_resolution Best spatial resolution within the data set arcsec pos.angResolution
t_min T_min Lower bound of times represented in the data set, as MJD d time.start;obs.exposure
t_max T_max Upper bound of times represented in the data set, as MJD d time.end;obs.exposure
t_exptime T_exptime Total exposure time s time.duration;obs.exposure
t_resolution T_resolution Minimal significant time interval along the time axis s time.resolution
em_min Em_min Minimal wavelength represented within the data set m em.wl;stat.min
em_max Em_max Maximal wavelength represented within the data set m em.wl;stat.max
em_res_power Em_res_power Spectral resolving power delta lambda/lamda N/A spect.resolution
o_ucd O_ucd UCD for the product's observable N/A meta.ucd
pol_states Pol_states List of polarization states in the data set N/A meta.code;phys.polarization
facility_name Facility_name Name of the facility at which data was taken N/A;
instrument_name Instrument_name Name of the instrument that produced the data N/A;instr
s_xel1 S_xel1 Number of elements (typically pixels) along the first spatial axis. N/A meta.number
s_xel2 S_xel2 Number of elements (typically pixels) along the second spatial axis. N/A meta.number
t_xel T_xel Number of elements (typically pixels) along the time axis. N/A meta.number
em_xel Em_xel Number of elements (typically pixels) along the spectral axis. N/A meta.number
pol_xel Pol_xel Number of elements (typically pixels) along the polarization axis. N/A meta.number
s_pixel_scale S_pixel_scale Sampling period in world coordinate units along the spatial axis arcsec phys.angSize;instr.pixel
em_ucd Em_ucd Nature of the product's spectral axis N/A meta.ucd
preview Preview URL of a preview (low-resolution, quick-to-retrieve representation) of the data. N/A meta.ref.url;datalink.preview
source_table Source_table Name of a TAP-queriable table this data originates from. This source table usually provides more information on the the data than what is given in obscore. See the TAP_SCHEMA of the originating TAP server for details. N/A;meta.table

Columns that are parts of indices are marked like this.


The following services may use the data contained in this table:


VO nerds may sometimes need VOResource XML for this table.


Note calib

The calib_level flag takes the following values:

0 Raw Instrumental data requiring instrument-specific tools
1 Instrumental data processable with standard tools
2 Calibrated, science-ready data without instrument signature
3 Enhanced data products (e.g., mosaics)