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Table Description: CTA run obscore

This table is available for ADQL queries and through the TAP endpoint.

Resource Description: fill in

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NameTable Head DescriptionUnitUCD
dataproduct_type Dataproduct_type product type: spectrum or timeseries ... N/A;class
calib_level Calib_level calibration level N/A
obs_collection Obs_collection name of the data collection N/A
obs_id Obs_id observation id N/A
obs_publisher_did Obs_publisher_did dataset identifier given by the publisher N/A
access_url Access_url URL used to access dataset N/A meta.ref.url
access_url_local Access_url_local URL used to access dataset on localhost N/A meta.ref.url
access_format Access_format file content format N/A;class
access_estsize Access_estsize estimated size of dataset kbyte phys.size;meta.file
target_name Target_name name of target N/A;src
s_ra S_ra right ascension of target (ICRS) deg pos.eq.ra
s_dec S_dec declination of target (ICRS) deg pos.eq.dec
s_fov S_fov diameter of the covered region deg phys.angSize;obs.field
s_region S_region region covered as specified in STC or ADQL N/A N/A
s_resolution S_resolution min spatial resolution of data as FWHM arcsec pos.angResolution
s_resolution_min S_resolution_min spatial resolution of data as FWHM arcsec pos.angResolution
s_resolution_max S_resolution_max max spatial resolution of data as FWHM arcsec pos.angResolution
t_min T_min start time MJD time.epoch;stat.min
t_max T_max stop time MJD time.epoch;stat.max
t_exptime T_exptime total exposure time sec time.duration;obs.exposure
t_resolution T_resolution temporal resolution FWHM sec time.resolution
em_min Em_min start in spectral coordinates m em.wl;stat.min
em_max Em_max stop in spectral coordinates m em.wl;stat.max
em_res_power Em_res_power spectral resolving power N/A spect.resolution
o_ucd O_ucd UCD of observable N/A meta.ucd
pol_states Pol_states list of polarization states or NULL if N/A N/A phys.polarization
facility_name Facility_name name of facility used for this observation N/A instr.obsty
instrument_name Instrument_name name of the instrument used for this observation N/A;

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